Timber Ridge Subdivision has beauty every season. Take a walk around the neighborhood and see the well cared for lawns of each home to walking on Judd Road to see a wide range of change each season. Two favorite times to walk on Judd Road, just outside the Timber Ridge Subdivision is spring and fall.

In the spring, you see all the small nature inspired flowers coming up from the leaves. At the same time, numerous trees that almost meet in the middle from both sides of the road, start to sprout their leaves for additional color. Telling all the residence that summer is soon to come.

Fall is breathtaking! To be so close to downtown conveniences and get the warm fall sun, streaming through the trees; highlighting a wide range of fall leaf colors. Watching leaves dance their falling dance, down to the ground, making an afternoon walk pleasurable and peaceful.

Winter is not without its beauty in Timber Ridge. As there is a 12 acres micro forest, wetlands area within the Subdivision and not habited with homes, birds make refuge and come and go to those home participating in bird watching. In Timber Ridge, you will easily see cardinals, tufted titmouse, blue jays, and chickadees to even perhaps a Baltimore oriole or Hummingbirds. Birds come and go, making their home in Timber Ridge. In fact, one resident, likes to step outside on some evenings and listen for the owl’s hoot in the distance. Winter is also pretty with so many trees within the subdivisions and the mixture of pines to ensure green color all year long. With just a dusting of snow or a big downfall, the mixture of snow and sunlight casts; make each section of Timber Ridge unique.

Sunsets and sunrises are a great way to enjoy quiet time in Timber Ridge Subdivision. Much to the new resident’s surprise, the trees give extra shape and texture to light cast within the subdivision. Sitting outside to end the day can be relaxing and enjoyable seeing the day’s sun pass in quiet.



As you drive through Timber Ridge, watch for the variety of large pine trees throughout the subdivision. They are beautiful all year long. While also providing privacy and texture to open areas throughout the subdivision.





Or just enjoy a beautiful winter sunrise.




Have a green thumb? Timber Ridge provides space to garden.