Timber Ridge provides the harmony of a strong social community and independence of country living. Events planned throughout the year help bring us and keep us together.

We are all connected to each other and care deeply about the quality of living in Tiber Ridge. A Home Owners Association meeting is held once a year to reflect on the accomplishments of our volunteer  committees, understand the business of being a home owners association, discuss issues affecting the subdivision, hear about regional activities that could impact us, and just have a good time and socialize with our neighbors.




The annual Garage Sale, run by residents, has been a consistent favorite, every year, allowing residents to conveniently pass on gently used items for others to benefit, while keeping their home in good shape.



Timber Ridge has a subdivision Halloween party for the children of Timber Ridge. Our subdivision is large enough to provide a way to connect as a group, while being small enough to keep the party going yearly, run by residents for their children.